There is a plan for you to live a fulfilling, satisfying life that you love, making an impact
only you can make, and in a way that serves you too.

Let us show you how.

Sacred Success Circle

Have you been searching for a community of like-hearted,
soul-aligned people?

Have you been yearning for a place you can come to be refueled, recharged,  reminded who you are?!

A tribe of people who are here to courageously serve in a big way, on purpose, while being prosperous, just like you?

As humanity undergoes collective transformation, as we heal, clear paradigms and make new choices, as you choose your purpose, crucial for our evolution, we come together in communities to imagine
and create the New Earth.

Where two or more meet with intention and vision, energy follows exponentially and with velocity, creating quantum leaps.

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Scientific Hand Analysis

Your hands hold clues to who you are, who you came here to be, your greatness and your brilliance.

You are as unique as a fingerprint.

Using the repeatable, demonstrable and teachable system of the Scientific Hand Analysis, you will discover:

  Your Life Lesson: Your Blind Spot.
  Your Life School: Spiritual training camp. Life path.
  Your Life Purpose: Your essence. Who you came here to be.
  Extra Potential Gift Markings. Extra manifesting mojo.

Sacred Success Alignment

Are you ready to redefine your success?

When you choose to be in alignment with who you are, who you came here to serve, your unique way to create impact in the world, you become a magnetic creator of your destiny, defining your success on your own terms.

In this 90 day experience you will :
  Discover your unique blueprint (based on Scientific Hand Analysis, Human Design and Gene Keys systems)

  Identity your Unique Medicine, the way you are here to serve that nobody else can but you

  Connect with your Divine Appointments, souls you are uniquely designed to serve, who are waiting for you and are ready to be served by your skills, talents and gifts. Learn how to call them in to energize your marketing.

  Create new relationship with money, one that is based on soulful exchange of energy, in accordance with Universal Laws of expansion. Embody your frequency is your currency.

To see if this is the right fit for you at this time, schedule a free, 20 minute Success Call.

Sacred Success Alignment is an immensely powerful shift producer for those ready to embody their life’s purpose. The deep healing opportunities that will present themselves as you navigate through this program are nothing short of transformational. Anna is a fierce stand for you to find and embody the full alignment necessary to be your best self. I have been doing healing work for years but what Anna provides is distinct. The healings she facilitates are laser focused to manifest the highest expression of your life’s purpose. The way Anna holds space for your transformation is the perfect balance of deep compassion and disciplined grace that supports truth and expansion. Say yes to her and your future self will thank you!

Susan K

Working with Anna has generated powerful momentum! It leaves me wanting to not only continue in my own journey but I deeply desire to learn more from Anna and the work she has committed herself to being. It truly is a profound, palpable and unique experience to delve into sacred success with Anna. It met a need and a hunger inside of me that has been lacking in other programs – a synergy between creative, practical, soulful, elemental and meaningful work. We can definitely create a new world together when we connect to the frequency Anna holds and calls us into. In deep gratitude for all that has been created.

Erin Anderson

Working with Anna, or playing together as she likes to frame it, is empowering, expansive, and enlightening. Her unwavering belief in me makes for magical learning experiences, even when they are sometimes uncomfortable, but oh so illuminating. Her energy, enthusiasm, and wisdom keep the energetic frequency high — and she knows just when a dance break is needed! I have found great value and growth in my time with Anna and look forward to playing more with her in the future!

Laurin Wittig

“Anna’s Success Bootcamp was a complete game-changer for me. At three years into my business, I knew I needed to make a change. The way I was working was not sustainable and my mental headspace was so unhealthy. I had actually written in my journal a week prior to meeting with Anna that I needed help…I needed a change. And then, there was Anna and Success Bootcamp! Thanks to her program I have a new outlook on life and a new outlook on my business. I went from considering closing down my business to being invigorated and excited and knowing that this new way of operating is sustainable because I am finally trusting, calm, and confident in what I’m doing. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Anna!”

Meghan Dicklin

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