Anna Kowalska  is a beacon of light for women seeking to embrace their highest soul-level potential. Her mission is not just about creating success but birthing a body of work that is resonant with one’s soul purpose, thereby facilitating a prosperous and spiritually fulfilling life.

Anna’s own journey from experiencing the emptiness that shadowed her traditional success to embracing a life and business based on her unique design has been both revelatory and inspiring. Once she ticked all the conventional boxes of success, yet found an abyss of unfulfillment lurking beneath, she sought more – a deeper, more meaningful path. Anna learned that a life which truly echoes prosperity is one that is in harmony with one’s soul, and that became the catalyst for her current pursuit.

Embarking on a path to co-create a world where harmony, unity, purpose, and prosperity are not mere words but a tangible reality, Anna activates ‘New Earth’ leaders. She guides them to not only navigate through their journeys with grace and wisdom but also to bring forth their highest soul level body of work into existence.

As a transformational trainer with a history of leading several teams, ranging from 30 to 200 individuals, to create unprecedented results, Anna’s approach is grounded yet ethereal. Her method intertwines the spiritual with the pragmatic, acknowledging that both are necessary to create a life and work that is genuinely prosperous and fulfilling.

Devotion underlines Anna’s work: devotion to a world where each individual can fully embody their soul purpose, and live a life that is not only prosperous in a material sense but also deeply aligned with their spiritual essence. Through her guidance, women don’t just find a path; they birth a journey that is intricately woven with their highest soul’s calling, building not just a successful life but one that is rich in purpose and meaning.

Anna’s unwavering belief is that when we step into a place of authentic alignment with our soul’s purpose, not only do we flourish, but we also become catalysts for the creation of a harmonious world where every being thrives. In a world that often pulls us toward conventional definitions of success, Anna stands as a reminder and guide towards a path that honors our deepest selves, leading us to not just live but prosper, within and without.


For as long as I remember I was chasing something in life. I never felt like  I was doing what I was meant to do.I was able to quickly manifest perfect jobs and excel at them. Ideal visions of my work and contribution would show up within weeks and sometimes days, after I declared them as desires. I was offered positions, on regular bases. Nothing felt fulfilling. As if the desire, the vision I was creating belonged to somebody else.

I began questioning myself and my desires, “will I ever know what satisfaction feels like?”.

In my mid twenties I enjoyed over a decade of success in real estate and mortgage industries, but
I felt restless. My heart and soul kept waking me up in the middle of the night with a deep hunger.

I heard a calling to venture out into a completely new area of expertise. But I had no idea what it was.

My body led me to learn about holistic nutrition and this began my career in the personal growth/coaching industry.

I stumbled through many aspects of building a coaching business. In between my ebbs and flows, I organized events, helped publish books, built funnels, ran marketing campaigns. There were parts of my work and life that felt good, satisfying, enjoyable, but not fulfilling or satisfying, or exciting.

It wasn’t until my first Hand Analysis, that I finally started to feel hopeful about my work and my role in the world. Armed with a map that was in my hands, at all times, I started to take steps to build a fulfilling, soul satisfying life and contribute to the world in a way that inspires me, sparks me up, makes me jump out of bed.


Experience in the structure based finance, mortgage and real estate industries, gave me the foundation of a grounded, strategic container. My initiations into a lineage of Alchemical Creation Hight Priestesses, training as a Scientific Hand Analysis, Reiki, Akashic Records, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner and multitude of other modalities help me connect to the unseen parts of us and the Universe, to uncover the path to living on purpose, removing all blocks in physical, mental, emotional and energetic dimensions, then implementing practical protocol to create success.

My mission is to awaken YOU to Your Unique Soul Purpose and guide you in creating a life and business that is powerful, purposeful and prosperous. You get to live a life of passion, accomplishment, wealth and love! I am the coach/mentor to support you in creating it.

I use a Purpose Prayer every morning to center myself for the day.
Would you like to receive it?