Money – Sacred Transaction & Flow

This 2 part module goes deeply into what money represents.

Part 1 – Sacred Transaction – is about what money represents to you, in your life and in the exchange between you and your clients.
We do go into pricing and how to hold space for money in the sales conversations. (35 minutes)

Part 2 – Money Flow – is about money as energy, flow of it in your life, in your body and you as money. (45 minutes)

Below is a link to the meditation “I am MONEY” – it will start establishing your connection with money,
give you a sense of how you feel as money. You can use it anytime you want to talk to money and get an insight on what it needs. Use it with love and grace, treat it like a sacred ally, a loved one you cherish.

I AM MONEY meditation – use it anytime you want to connect with money. With time you will just be able to connect without having to set it up
or going through the steps in the meditation. (15 minutes plus 10 -15 minutes of journaling after)