Divine Appointments

Today we will meet your Divine Appointments, representative of the ones you are designed to serve and co-create with, your tribe.

Click here or the image below to listen to the introduction to this module first.
Then go to the exercise below the image.

Psycho-emotional chakra-based profile – meditative exercise.

Part 1  – for this audio make sure you are in a quiet space, grab paper and something to write with.
Print the form in the link below “Form for part 1”.

Form for part 1.

Part 1A Calling In Divinely Appointed – meditation.

Part 2 –  click here to access the exercise. Follow the prompts to guide your process.

I use this often to stay connected to make what I offer better and to respond to what’s needed right now, what will serve.
Reconnect to what you discovered in part 1 before doing part 2.
Part one will guide you into the energy and emotion, part 2 will ground it.