Module 1



Set the intention for uncovering your new identity as a business owner.
Be open to this identity, shifting and expanding as we continue our journey together.

This Module is the foundation, based on which we will be building.
Without this, no action or strategy will matter.

For planning purposes, this module is 90 minutes short.
Let’s dive in!

Accountability Tracking Sheet (click to download)

Print. Give yourself 1 credit completing each step, daily. Total each day.
Please scan or take a pic and send me this sheet after every 7 days.
I keep mine on my desk and fill out by hand. There is a sense of accomplishment,
and trust that you are somebody who fulfills on the commitment you make
to yourself, for yourself. It increases your self-worth and solidifies your new identity.

Reason for Existence Template (click to download)

“EXISTENCE – reality as presented in experience.”
This is where you are exploring why do you even want to exist as a business owner,
why does your business exist – how does each party involved in this existence benefit, including you.
Please send this back to me in within next 7 days. I will make sure you did it in a way that serves
your new identity. Important, since you will be reading this daily to anchor it.

It will keep evolving. So don’t worry about making it perfect or that this is final.

Reason for Existence – Anna’s Sample (click to download)

This keeps evolving and has taken many versions to get to.
It will keep evolving as I keep evolving. The goal here is to understand why you are doing
this, beyond money, beyond daily routine.

7 Steps to New Belief

  1. What’s your belief that is not serving you or is not aligned with your goal?
  2. What are the stories you tell yourself to justify this belief? Evidence you are building to support it.
  3. What is the payoff of these negative stories? (how are these stories serving you? – you held onto them because they were
    supporting something you that served you.)
  4. How are these stories not true (are there assumptions in them, are you generalizing?)
  5. Who would you be without these stories? What would be possible? Where would your business be? What would you do?
  6. You can choose the stories and current reality they supported or you can chose what your desired future.
    Which one do you choose?
  7. What would you need to belief to move forward towards your desired future/goal?
    What 2 thoughts are you creating right now to to move towards your desired future?

Now make a list of 50 Reasons why it is so (to support this new belief).
Our minds collect evidence for exactly what we believe, to support our belief.
Let’s give your mind new evidence to support your new belief and thoughts.