I am reintegrating after 9 day, 8 night adventure through Lake Powell,

Utah desert, sacred grounds and some last unmapped areas of USA.

Apache tears marked our trails, rocks of the canyons sang the chants and

wind hummed like drums.

I took this pic while sliding through the Spooky Canyon, one of the tightest we


Water was murky, colored by the red desert sand,
ankle deep most places. 
Like nature and a woman who is true to herself, it was deeper in some places but impossible to judge with an eye.

We had to hold onto the walls and 
feel out the depth with each step, before committing to anchor our feet.
If my foot sunk deeper than knee, I used the walls for support, to shimmy on. 
The canyon was long and hard to see around corners.
With each step we had to decide to keep going or turn around. As the sun kept moving across the sky, our light got more limited. Each step forward meant one more step on our way back.
It was thrilling and humbling to be wedged inside the Earth’s​​​​​​​ crevice, slowly exploring her depth.
Few of the friends from our group decided to turn around early on. It was not for them.
They had the experience they hoped for and knew when it was enough.
Three of us kept going.
I learned few lessons that day. One of them “if it’s not yours to have, give it up”. 
I will share with you how I am learning what to give up and let go of, how to know 
it’s time and the price of holding on for too long, in part 2 email. 

To Your Freedom!