Express Yourself

Be unapologetically you and speak your truth anytime to anyone, without fear of saying it wrong, hurting people or losing love.

Welcome! I am thrilled to facilitate this transformation with you!

Mark Thursday, November 19th at 10am PST/11am MST/1pm EST in your calendar.

This transformative playshop is an experience you don’t want to miss. It will not be available by replay,
because the transformation will happen in the container, live.
Here is your link to access the playshop:
Meeting ID: 891 5989 9261
Passcode: express

This playshop is a creation based on my own experience. I knew myself as a powerful, authentic woman who used her voice.
Until I realized that this power and authenticity were conditional.

I was powerful and authentic where I felt safe.

I carried a wound, a belief, and a pattern, which held me back from making a bigger impact in the world,
it kept pulling me deeper into the pain of not being fully self-expressed with everyone, anytime.
I started to feel like a fake, frustration, resentment and rage started to bubble up every time I held myself back.

Something had to change.

I dove deeper and as a result, created this process I am about to walk you through on November 19th at 10am PST.

If this resonates with you, make sure you show up live.
The world needs you, in your full authentic, unapologetic expression!