Your map to fulfillment & success is in your hands
is the life you’re currently living
tying up your hands?

Obligations, responsibilities, shoulds and musts

Prescription for anxiety for many of us
We wake up in a sweat, we can’t sleep at all

What do I really want, where has my true joy gone?

We seek solutions in all the wrong places
We lash out at those closest to us for our inconveniences

We suffer in silence, put on the brave face
Meanwhile inside of us we wage a daily war

I really should keep doing this thing that I do
I have the job, the mortgage, the trick and pony show
(alright trick and pony show is just for those who still live for the Joneses)

Your hands are tied up, you put that belt on yourself
You did not follow your purpose, you ignored your soul’s call

It has been in your hands since before you were born
It is still there waiting for you to be ready to know

Your life doesn’t have to change all that much once you do
Maybe just a tweak in how you do things will fix it all

Maybe just hearing that you are on the right track
And that all you have to do is add a ton of fun

Maybe you need to take on a new project that spices it all up
Maybe ask for more time alone
Maybe time with your tribe

One thing can loosen that belt
Your hands may be free again to do your life the way you meant it all along

What’s the one thing that can loosen the belt around your hands
Let the marks in your hands guide you
Do you want to know?