Tell me your desires.
Do you know what they are?

If they’re not very clear
You may have this star in your hand
A marking called “Desire Pollution”

Just like pollution it can cause death
Death of your spirit, death of who you are

One day you wake up and you don’t even know
Is this life I’m living really what I want?

It starts innocently

Sometimes we start hiding our desires because of somebody else
Our parent is needy, we don’t want to cause them distress
If we ask for what we want we may be yelled at or worse
So we stop asking simply to survive

Sometimes we just take on desires from the world around us
Our friends have desires and to stay close, we take their desires on
Soon we start realizing that we have no clue if what we want is ours or theirs

Do I even have to tell you how dangerous that is
To stifle our own desires and needs?

Keep stuffing and live disappointed, poisoned, one day you implode
I know what it’s like, I have that star

And for the last few years I have been digging out
From under the pile of dreams that I thought were mine

But every time one came true, I kept asking “why”
This is does not feel good to me
Another desire/dream I fulfilled for somebody else’s sake

Once I learned I had “Desire Pollution” mark
I had to clean out
I am still cleaning

If you ask me now, “what do you want”
It takes a while to get the response
It travels from my soul and through my heart
It really takes time to come out

But when it does I know that it is mine

And sometimes it still happens, I hear my self say it out-loud
And it tastes foreign, quickly I change my mind

I am committed to living out only my desires
No matter what it takes

My life is too precious to creating anything but
What I truly desire for my soul and from my heart

Do you have “Desire Pollution” mark?

There is much we can do to clear up your desires right now
Find out before you suffocate.