What Life Lesson(s) are you here to learn?
What’s your BLIND SPOT?

When did I stop trusting others?
Was it when I was 2 and had to take a bath against my will?
When I cried to express my dissatisfaction and
nobody came to the rescue?

Inability to trust others and most importantly MYSELF
Has been a theme in my life!
It kept showing up
And messing with my life plans
No matter what I did…
I traveled to past lifetimes, used NLP, EFT (insert acronyms)
It kept showing up in new forms and making a mess in my life

My hands had the answer.
Trust in myself and others is part of my LIFE LESSON!

Life Lesson is our Blind Spot
It’s the thing we asked to come here to learn
It will keep showing up
Our job is to know it, recognize it
Know what the better choice is

When I learned my Life Lessons (I have 6)
I started to spot them
I am more compassionate with myself when they show up
I am able to make a better choice

What Life Lesson are YOU here to learn?
You asked for it, so you can evolve through it
Stop hitting against it, stop letting it mess with your life!
Use it to grow

Do you want to know what YOUR LIFE LESSON IS?