– Spotlight –

I will put you in the spotlight
I can see your potential!
let me shrink my ego and myself
my potential I will not mention

I will do whatever it takes
to ensure your success
I will walk right behind you
not to put any attention on myself

I will boost you up and make you shine
No, I don’t need attention
let me stand back and hide

I’ve played this role so many times
“The senator’s wife”

don’t let what they say
“The woman behind the successful man”
fool you

It is not your role
if you have this Special Marking
It’s you that should sit on the throne

So will you keep hiding and playing small?
Will you keep letting their light outshine yours?

Maybe you’ve worked hard to put your kid on stage
But it has been you that needs to be seen?

This shows up in many ways
It is burden if not lived right

The soul keeps calling
“Please stand up and lead”
You keep quiet, doubting your skills
twisting that light away from you and directly at him(her)

How long will this go on?
Will you die hiding out?
Will the shadow of the light keep swallowing your heart?

Or will you let me see your hands
and see if you are meant to be “the senator” not the “senator’s wife”?

Your hands know
and they will tell you how to use it.