“I know Who I am”
“This is how I see myself”

AND (shhhh)
there is another ME
I am DYING to BE

How many times a day
do you say “I know who I am”
how many times a day
do you question if this is all that’s there

Inside of you, the secret lives
you want to break free and scream
“Look at me, you got me all wrong
I am not this grey bag of bones”

Still day by day you keep wearing that face
The prison you made for yourself

The bars get harder to break with each day
Yet you keep waiting
for somebody to say

“Be free now, fly, butterfly
I see your colors, nothing left to hide”

And you exhale, the truth is out
The colors shine bright
You take a bow

Exit the life that makes no sense
And start living the magic you have always been

Hold up the mirror of your hands
They will show you your true face