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In the World of the Touch Screen...  Give Your Clients and Prospects an Experience with a Human Touch.

So you want to host a live event...

Live Events are the fastest and most powerful way to establish and magnify YOUR trust factor.

Getting your prospects, clients/customers into a room to experience YOU and what you have to offer, in person.
There is nothing more powerful for your business and for you.

But events are also an intense project, one you would rather hand over to an expert.

That's why you're here... 


My name is Anna Kowalska and my goal is
to make your event 
an experience your guests
will talk about, until your next event.

Your event has a soul and it will be my honor to cultivate it
(along with handling all the details you would rather not bother with).

You do what you really well, you work really hard and you care about your business and your clients.

Let your event be the expression of it.

It thrills me to think of every possible way to make your event an experience your guests will never forget.

With my attention to detail, vision, designer's view, critic's eye, love of everything beautiful, selfless care for the experience you and your guests are embarking on, your success is guaranteed.

You are the star of your event, your job is to present, connect and mingle with your guests and enjoy the tribe you have built.

Let me do my job and take care of everything else.

You hire experts to handle daily aspects of your business to make sure it runs and runs well.

Don't leave your live event to a chance.
Hire an expert who can assure your event's success.


From event organizer...

"Anna is the consummate pro when it comes to planning and managing live events. Her attention to detail and flawless execution is unmatched. She’s handled two events for me (so far), and they were both HUGE, stress-free successes."

Buck Rizvi, Founder & CEO Health Profits  Academy
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Your live event deserves an expert like me, to make it un unforgettable success!


Not ready to hire a pro to handle it all for you, but would like my expert input?

OR  You are mid-planning, "situation came up" and you could use an expert to walk you through a solution.

Phone consultation may be the perfect fit.

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Phone consult starts at $97/ 30 minute consult

If your event is an intimate, impactful MASTERMIND or RETREAT
with 10 - 30 attendees,
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Packages start at $1,500

Or you're preparing for a large group influence, SUMMIT like experience, 
from 100 - 500 attendees,
click here to schedule a call.

Packages start at $5,000

SPECIAL OFFER:  Live Event Triage

It happens. You thought you had it all handled and what's a big deal, getting some people together in a room...
Now you are few weeks or even days away and it is all just not working out as you expected or hoped.
It is all going haywire and fast!


I can help!
I have stepped into events as big as 150 guests and as intimate as 20, 7-10 days before the event date and made the details fall into place. SUCCESSFULLY. Every time.

There is not time to waste, clock is ticking, you, your guests and your event deserve SUCCESS!

Schedule an appointment NOW!​

As you can imagine I only take these based on my time availability and can only take a few at a time. You wouldn't believe how many people take me up on this service offer.  I can't promise that I will be available but if I am and can help you, you will be thanking your lucky stars.

You deserve to have a flawless, and stress free experience, that makes you want to book another impactful, profitable live event. 
Having an expert to foresee and creatively organize all the details, will allow you to focus on the content, delivery, and most importantly on your guests.

Each event is unique and requires a unique approach but some aspects are the core for all live retreats and events.

Here are a things few that I handle for you if we decide to work together:

  • A custom event roadmap and planning, based on your budget, with deadlines and touch points
  • Research and identification of venues, caterers, and all vendors you'll need for your event (assistance or handling of space/service negotiation)
  • A point person for all vendor communication and arrangements before, during and after the event
  • Support with coordinating Sponsors
  • Speaker/VIP guest coordination and communication (schedule, material, travel, accommodations, concierge services while at the event)
  • Support with agenda creation and design
  • Sourcing, purchase and arrangement of event supplies and give aways
  • Design, input and arrangement of extra or VIP activities: dinner, happy hour, side meetings and connections
  • Guest registration and assistance with accommodations
  • Support with key communication points for the guests before and after the event
  • Full on-site management of vendors, guests and venue. From the set up until the last person leaves
  • Event flow management: breaks, speaker flow, time management, vendor cues and responsibities
  • Creative contribution on all aspects of the event including, flow, tone, appearance

Each event is different and unique. I put together a custom package just for you and your event, based on your needs and your vision.

On case per case bases and a la carte, I also offer:

  • - event marketing strategy
  • - social media expert before and during the event
  • - event branding and design for marketing and event materials

The best way to find out how I can support you in producing your event is for us to have a no-obligation conversation. Click here to schedule one.


From industry expert, event attendee...

"Event logistics can make or break an event. Recently I attended one managed by Anna that was executed flawlessly. As an event planner myself that has managed multiple large scale events for a Fortune 50 company, this one was done exceptionally well. If you are interested in ensuring your events are run professionally and allow for the content of the event to be the focus verse the mistakes of logistics dominating the dialogue, then I highly recommend engaging Anna. She is top in the industry."

Lisa Zimmerer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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